Kommerade Pelosi's Stimulus Overview

I was reading the Stimulus Overview – put out by Kommerade Pelosi – It’s an even bigger crap sandwich than we thought, but I couldn’t believe what I read in the tax relief area:

Tax Relief for American Families:


o Helps first-time homebuyers and strengthens the housing market by enhancing the current credit for first-time home purchases with the removal of the repayment requirement.


HUH??……    What does that mean?? Does every first time home buyer get a free house? This is unbelievable!!! Now, I know that can’t be true, but at first blush…………


Oh, and there is no mention of the fact that the money for STD’s and for ACORN is back in the bill……… But, Kommerade Pelosi did add the following statement:


 There are no earmarks or pet projects.”


If you seriously believe that, you are in dire need of psychiatric help!!! This is nothing more than payback to all the special interest groups that helped this Socialist creep get elected. Go through it, line-by-line and you’ll see payment to all the unions, welfare recipiants (which may soon be most of us) enviro-nazis, trial lawyers, universal healthcare advocates, etc. The list is long……….


It’s too early in the day for my head to be hurting this bad……….