I Want My Country Back.....

Just a short list of the things I’m sick and tired of:
I’m sick of the MSM and their thinly disguised liberal agenda.
I’m sick of the victimization of America and the severe lack of personal responsibility.
I’m commode huggin’ sick of the pervasive political correctness.
I’m sick of the feminization of our society.
I’m sick of our thin skinned, crybaby, non-judgemental society and their efforts to eliminate accountability for your actions.
I’m sick of both houses of Congress and their idea that we’re too stupid to govern ourselves. Hang on, they may be right……. We keep re-electing the idiots…..
I’m sick of lawyers, politicians, liberals, actors, elitists, race-baiters, community activists, anti-gunners, illegals, anti-war morons, environmentalists, radical college prefessors, gay and lesbian activists, gay pride, democrats, neo-nazis, femi-nazis, revisionist history, any and all unions, the ACLU, RINOs and Hamburger Helper!
I’m sick of the stuuuupid Pajama-gram and Vermont Teddy Bear commercials.
I’m sick of having had to watch my country slowly go down the toilet since 1960…………
I’m sick of Marxism, communism, socialism, reverse racism, using racism as a crutch, affirmative action, racial preferences, protected classes of any kind, class warfare and, did I mention democrats?
I’m sick of the denigration of Christians, Christmas and Thanksgiving.
I’m sick of the liberals not calling terrorists what they are…… Terrorists!!
I’m sick of the greedy bankers, Wall Street CEO’s, anyone asking for a government bailout, people too stupid to see they couldn’t pay their mortgage when they had no income to begin with……… I wonder how long it took for them to have that epiphany?
I want my country back – the one I fought for and defended for 20 years!
I want the return of the “Rule of Law” – no more “moral relativism”.
I want the Constitution to be interpreted as it was written – Not as a “living document”.
I want the Republicans in Congress to grow a spine and stand up for our principles.
I want the crooks in Congress put in jail – regardless of party.
I want those in Congress to understand they work for us – “We the People” – not themselves and power.
I want Billions spent on care for our veterans – Not protecting some damn field mouse!
I guess, in reflection, I’m just dreaming………..