INRE: The WikiLeaks Leaks...I'm Just Not *Feeling* It

I am aware that most will think I am nuts, but I can’t help myself; I do not feel the outrage.

If our national Security has been put at risk because it is now public knowledge that our State Department is comprised of a bunch of scumbags then I guess our National Security was already at risk – telling us what we already knew can’t possibly make anything any worse than it already was.

If our country is looked at with greater international disdain because it is now public knowledge that our President (the leader of the formerly-known-as most powerful nation on earth) is a moron having no business attending a UN session in the cheap seats let alone being allowed to actually open his mouth into a microphone in front of everyone there, then we had already sunk well below the prestige-poverty line the day he was sworn in.

If we’re only now getting mad over the idea that our enemies’ neighbors have been trying to get us to do their dirty work for them because they have no collective testicular fortitude for cleaning up the mess they played a dramatically large role in helping to make in the first place, then how mad can we really even be at this juncture?

If we want a culture in which whistleblowers should not only be made to feel secure in turning the bright light on truth, but encouraged to do so for the greater good of all humanity… then why do we now want to string up and make an example of what should be, by all rights, the poster child of truth and light?

For all the outrage about all the secrets this Assange fellow has brought to light, where is the outrage about what his light has shown to us? This story should be about what he’s told us…not how upset we all are supposed to be about the fact that he did…even though the latter will be his ultimate cause of death (literally OR figuratively, depending on whether Hillary gets to him before Holder does).

Is it because the worst of the scum…that swill which is so foul and so despicable that it can’t be allowed to bubble all the way up to the surface of the festering and oozing swamp filled with what we call politicians and sovereign leaders… is expected to be this nefarious and this disgusting and this repulsive and this repugnant, and therefore must remain immune from having to face their own crimes and iniquities? And not be held accountable for them?


Problem is, I don’t give a rat’s patooty. In fact, I’m almost encouraged by the news of all these scumbags and all these morons and all these governmentally-subsidized criminals and miscreants being exposed to the light like the kitchen full of cockroaches they are.


My greatest fear is NOT, actually, what these little morsels of information are going to do to our security or our image or the shortening of certain careers (God willing). What worries me most is how much harder the survivors will work to better hide the festering and oozing sores that they are on our national and international complexions.

It worries me a lot.