By Hook Or By Crook

There is something about these 2010 elections that a lot of folks know, but more than a few of us don’t quite have the right words to wrap around. I have said elsewhere that we’re living in an American Reckoning… it’s down to that at this juncture. People from all walks of life are suffering, many of us are out of work altogether or, at the very least, underemployed and not making enough to make ends meet. We’ve all been lied to, Left or Right, and we’ve all demanded that something be done about the state of the American Collective.

We want change; not the now-outdated Hope and Change™ we bought into in ’08 mind you, but a new – real – change that allows us to exercise our rights and rely on our freedoms and our liberties to overcome our problems and get moving forward again. This year, as was the case with the Republicans in ’06, the American people are going to take out their frustrations on the party in power…in today’s reality… that’s going to be the Democrats.

We’ve learned how easily power in the wrong hands can corrupt otherwise good men of well-meaning intent. We’ve learned that checks and balances in American governance are the fundamental keys to our ability to live without tyranny. We’ve learned, as well, that unchecked power can turn people into near-enemies of the state, and that when called upon to do so, American citizens must stand up and say no. We can only do this through the ballot box, and these votes of ours are our only real bullets anymore that can be fired in the direction of those that would do harm to our Republic or any of her citizens. When our own people would take away that power from the ordinary citizen, anarchy or outright revolt can quite easily result.

Our 2010 elections are less than a week away. The money has, by and large, been donated and spent. The message, for the most part, has been distributed to “we, the People” and we await our opportunity to respond accordingly. There are troubled waters ahead, however, and Americans from all walks of life and across the entire political spectrum must pay very close attention to the election process and ensure that nowhere will vote theft or ballot inconsistencies or voter disenfranchisement or outright vote fraud be allowed to occur.

This is our country, OUR election process…our right and civic duty…and it is up to each of us to monitor this system (and the people trying to navigate it for their own personal gain) to ensure it is done as our Founders intended…and as our system(s) of justice was designed.