A Deepening Dictatorship Starts With Justice...

… the modern-era style of Justice that is.

Let us not forget that a Dictatorship’s Justice works to tip the scales in favor of those who already support it, those who can be “bought” to support it, and those with no other choice but to support it… and the hope and change it promises to bring to its citizens.

There is no shortage of countries, past or present, that can be studied in order to better understand the lengths to which Dictatorships will go, or the limitless reach of the enforcement arm of their regimes being used in order to achieve their objectives; overthrow the will of the people, marginalize any organized dissidence, crack down on (and orchestrate witch hunts against) anyone that successfully challenges and undermines the Central authority, or worse – file suit against whole “regions” and – take them to Courts they can manipulate to further their agenda.

Once the hold on (and reach of) power is established, and the dissidents silenced – by personal ruin or jail – the Dictatorship uses its Justice to shield perpetrators of voter intimidation at the polling places…and then…it manipulates the ballots themselves to ensure it never loses another election.

To further ensure control of the proletariat, the propaganda wing is charged with the task of controlling the narrative by mocking, marginalizing, and impugning dissident voices, and giving full sunshine and audience to all claims of impropriety on the part of the opposition and all calls for investigation into any who would dare speak out against the Central Authority and the whims of the Dictator himself.

Such may not be the state of affairs in America today, but just how impossible is it, really, for that to change?