Michael Steele Must Be Removed - Now

Unfortunately, this latest news from the RNC is really just the icing on the cake of ‘a long train of abuses and usurpations’ by Steele and the RNC and only goes to show that Michael Steele has no business leading Republicans into the most critically important midterm elections in recent American history. He sucks at his job, and he needs to go-NOW:

Neil S. Alpert, whom the District fined three years ago for improperly spending money from a political action committee he chaired, has been hired by the Republican National Committee to help with its fundraising.

Alpert, whose new role was reported Sunday by AOL’s Politics Daily, will serve as a special assistant for finance to RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele. His hiring comes as fellow Republicans have sharply criticized Steele and the national committee after campaign finance reports unearthed last week showed that an RNC aide had authorized spending almost $2,000 at a bondage-themed nightclub in West Hollywood as part of an effort to recruit young donors.

How intelligent is Michael Steele that he would take on a “special assistant for finance” that was fined “for improperly spending money” not even a full week after he had to confront allegations of…wait for it…improperly spending money…on strippers.

Really Mr. Steele?

Michael Steele needs to go. Immediately. And, we need to get someone in that spot that will spend our money to replace the scumbags that are spending it against our will in the Halls of Congress. Now is not the time for cronyism and good ole boys. Now is the time for winning elections on the backs of better ideas and greater solutions to the problems the Obama Administration has confronted us with…not LOSING them because we have an idiot that seems intent on giving the media sufficient fodder to change the bloody subject from policy to nonsense like this.