Speaking Of Our *Whining* Government

I couldn’t help but laugh at the oozing irony of this news about compliance with the Census in the Austin Texas area:

Late Thursday afternoon, the maps showed Travis, Williamson and Hays counties and the City of Austin lagging well behind the national response rate of 20 percent. (The Census Bureau says the data is updated between 3 and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.)

The Austin and Travis response rates were at 7 percent, Williamson County was at 10 percent, and Hays County at 11 percent.

City of Austin demographer Ryan Robinson cautioned against reading too much into the lackluster response rates.

“I don’t want people to panic because Travis is sitting at 7 percent. It’s really early,” said Robinson, adding that he thinks many people wait until April 1 to complete the questionnaires because the forms ask about place of residence on that date.

Sorry, but I’m just not feeling the pain here…this is the same area in Texas where voter turnout for non-Federal elections (and this includes Texas Constitutional amendment questions as well) rarely exceeds 20% of registered voters. I don’t need to link to the stats on what percentage of that number is registered “Democrat”…do I?

It never ceases to amaze me how much I am governed by how few of my fellow citizens, most of whom are faithful and loyal Americans just doing their civic duty and GOING to the polls…however much they vote to my left.

I’m thinking this revolution we keep hearing about might just start with the census. If we lie, give lower numbers…pretend people have died or moved to another country, maybe…JUST maybe…the Feds will think they need to spend less, allocate less, and assume there are less of us for them to feel the need to exert control over.