A Reckoning

I’m not going to apologize. I’m not going to incite. I’m not going to quantify or qualify…and I’m not going to condone OR condemn.

I’m simply going to suggest that, with all we know about what’s coming our way courtesy the Hope and Change Express™, no one should pretend to be surprised that folks who are against this madness are not at all happy about their lives and their choices and their already-sucked-dry wallets being taken away from them or that they aren’t going to just sit quietly by and thank the Federal Government for assigning itself the responsibility of knowing what we want and what’s best for us.

Sorry-not going to do it.

I DO hope that my fellow Americans will keep their senses about themselves, and fix this mess we’re in by way of the means and methods given to us in what’s left of the Constitution; the ballot box.

It’s really getting hard to be calm and collected when forced to accept what more than half of us were against…and its becoming almost impossible to NOT be pissed off when our anger and frustration gets mocked, rubbed in our faces, and impugned with such cockiness and bravado.

Note to Obama-you might want to take a different approach. You, sir, are the one truly fanning the flames…not the operatives from EITHER side of this issue.

Try again man…try again.