I Invited A Bunch Of Friends Over To Watch Me Do *Nothing* With Some Really Cool Pens

[image via Mark Knoller/TwitPic]

Obama signed the Executive order today that bought Bart Stupak’s abandonment of the unborn. He blew off his first chance to sign it yesterday (likely the Planned Parenthood people hadn’t finished the final markup of the Executive order in time) but went through with his promise to issue a document that has no legal standing earlier today.

The text of what was “promised” before unborn children were Stupakked is here. What he actually signed is another thing…interestingly, it’s not up on the White House’s official website yet (as of 5 pm est on March 24).

No matter…the ink is long dry on paper worth more than the legal weight of that which was written on it.

[update at 5:23 pm est: They have “something” up in Spanish but since I don’t “speak” the language, I’m just not sure…”aborto” and “restricciones” is in there…but what the hell do I know?]