What A *Novel* Idea, This "Up Or Down Vote" Brainstorm

Every time I think I’ve heard it all, I’m reminded how terribly naive I am by assuming such a preposterous notion:

In the course of unveiling Obama’s new health reform proposal on a conference call with reporters this morning, White House advisers made it clearer than ever before: If the GOP filibusters health reform, Dems will move forward on their own and pass it via reconciliation.

The assertion, which is likely to spark an angry response from GOP leaders, ups the stakes in advance of the summit by essentially daring Republicans to try to block reform.

“The President expects and believes the American people deserve an up or down vote on health reform,” White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer said on the call.

What was I thinking? Just like the up or down votes we got on Judges back in the day under Bush, and now with Healthcare, Cap & Trade, and stimulus/bailouts…in every case we were given up or down votes…right?

You know, if we’re going to have laws forced down our throats against our will, however loudly we protest, when will we learn to just shout our mouths and wait for the memo telling us where to send the checks?

I’d like to think there is sufficient testicular fortitude within the GOP Leadership to tell the monarchy we won’t be attending the human sacrifice…and let them bleed themselves dry without our providing them the audience…but I don’t think such anatomy exists in sufficient quantities for Obama and the gang to bother listening.