The Obama Calculus: Celebrate Weakness, Disembowel Strength

It’s really that simple after all, and it pervades every aspect of the Obama worldview. Just ask Toyota . I’m a big movie buff, and a huge Fight Club fan, and this whole Toyota flap brings Tyler Durden gurgling back up in my memory like so much boiling fat and lye. Right now, Toyota must be thinking “I am Jack’s cold sweat”, and Obama-“I am Jack’s smirking revenge” [warning: follow-on quotes at these links might not be family friendly].

Consider the subpoenas from Obama’s henchmen…:

Toyota said it had received a request on Feb. 19 to voluntarily submit certain documents from the Los Angeles office of the SEC. U.S. unit Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. separately received a subpoena for related documents, including about the company’s disclosure policies.

Toyota said both companies intend to cooperate with the investigations.

Toyota executives, along with officials from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are due to testify in congressional hearings starting on Tuesday over a series of recalls related to unintended acceleration and braking.

…and then consider Obama’s reach in making sure the car companies he made us buy can get a free leg up over the ones that actually know how to run a successful international corporation:

Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday it is temporarily suspending production at assembly plants in San Antonio and Georgetown, Ky., to help bring inventory in line with demand amid a string of massive recalls.
The intensifying investigation and the production halts at Toyota’s assembly plants are fresh signs of the ripple effect the recalls are having on the world’s No. 1 automaker — even as car owners are streaming to dealers for fixes. Toyota faces separate probes by the Obama administration and Congress as it struggles to maintain its loyal customer base and its reputation for safety and quality.

American economy: “I am Jack’s colon…I get cancer, I kill Jack”

Don’t worry, American consumer and soon-to-be-unemployed-Texas-or-Kentucky non-union autoworker who has just been cast as a leading character in Obama’s “Hope and Change” screenplay…he might be whacking a few of your jobs by forcing your factories to close but it’s ok-you’re non-Union anyway (learned anything yet?). He’s lost no votes here. And, while there may be no aspect of the economy Obama is afraid to destroy, it’s ok-he’ll buy those up with your money and drive any successful competition over the cliff along the way. [Healthcare, anyone? Anyone?]

If all goes according to plan, Obama will keep his instep firmly planted on the throats of foreign competition long enough for Union-driven companies to catch up. I, for one, am “Jack’s complete lack of surprise.” If you want this guy gone in 2012, try being “Jack’s raging bile duct” and spend what little money Obama thinks you should have left doing something about it, here, or here, or here, or maybe even here…doesn’t matter which-any that you can stomach is fine.