Speaking Of Race Cards

NY Governor David Paterson is piling a few on the Democrats’ house of cards today as well:

In the midst of swirling rumors of a soon-to-be published bombshell story, New York Gov. David Paterson (D) said Wednesday that criticism of him has been motivated by his race.

Paterson, who is black and blind, said on Imus in the Morning that he has been the subject of “outrageous rumors” the past two weeks centering around a supposedly damaging report to be published in the New York Times this week.

Notice how we need to be reminded of his being black as part of backdropping the baseline of the story? I, for one, am not the least bit concerned with his race…but I AM worried about his ability to lead his state knowing of his proclivities outside of work, and the extent to which these poor personal decisions may affect, or spill over into, decisions he might make at the expense of the people of New York.

Extra-marital affairs, prostitutes, drug use-these have forced many a white man out of office. Why does he think he gets a pass because, in criticizing that behavior in Mr. Paterson, we must therefore ONLY be doing so because he is black?

It’s the devil you keep Mr. Paterson, not the color of your skin, as you welcome him into your home.

There is no shortage of data regarding his failure at governing New York so far and, were a green purple or blue person to be failing as much we would want to see HIM gone too-wouldn’t we? We DO elect people into office for the purposes of improving our lives don’t we? If he is failing, he needs to be replaced regardless his physical appearance.

“Black” doesn’t trump effectiveness and capability and accomplishment Mr. Paterson…not where I come from at least.