As A Matter Of Fact, Mr. President, Yes I do

I know, I know…he had his run and he didn’t really give us much during the second half of his second term to set up an electoral edge for Republicans going in to the ’08 cycle. He made some things, in fact, worse for us in several fairly big ways…but still-you gotta love seeing the Cowboy in Chief rub it in Bambi and the left’s face just a little… this story out of Wyoming, Minnesota (via Minnesota Public Radio-note-picture comes from the same link):

It was late at night and I wasn’t sure I’d seen the billboard correctly as I whizzed past it on I-35 in Wyoming last week on the way back from Wrenshall. But an e-mailer confirms I saw what I thought I saw.

Who knows if it’s a fake, or a hoax, or the figment of some poor guy’s imagination living up in Minnesota suffering from a little late-night brain freeze. And-who cares? THIS is damn funny stuff.

Consider this an open thread…

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