The Issue With Gingrich

…is that he doesn’t seem to get it no matter how hard he keeps trying to convince us he does:

Speaking at a conference on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University yesterday, Gingrich said his former majority leader, Dick Armey, is working with Tea Party members to develop a new “Contract with America” through online suggestions for what the country’s citizens want from the federal government.
After his speech, Gingrich said today is “a much harder and complex environment” than 1994, and suggested the new contract promise broader concepts — without specifics but with a promise of openness and transparency.

“Making it out in the open and transparent may be more important than what you do,” he said. “In 1994, we knew people did not trust politicians … so we had to be very specific.”

Really, Newt?

I think it’s great that the Tea Party folks have such a big name looking to sit on their shoulders and take credit for all their hard work (in exchange for being given a stage to re-tool a 16 year old campaign slogan). Having said that, can we please remind Newt that the willful independence and righteous indignation of the American people, while well-reflected by this Tea Party movement, is not held in a monopoly by the Tea Partiers alone?

It might also be worth mentioning here that folks are sick and (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) tired of professional politicians, and for them to ask us to actually believe any of their ridiculous double-speak of nonsense and claptrap is a fool’s errand. That Gingrich thinks any of us even HEAR the words “open and transparent” anymore, let alone believe that openness and transparency are more important than what our Political Heroes actually do boggles my mind and proves he needs to STAY retired and pine for the glory days in the quiet of his own living room. We’ve been here before.