The Blurred Vision Of Ideology

We were taught a lesson in Massachusetts that far too many of us don’t yet realize we learned: the “Big Tent” is, in fact, very big…and it’s still got room for more no MATTER how much we insist that we long-ago broke camp and set the surrounding terrain on fire. For all the screaming and wailing and gnashing of teeth after the Democrats took control of the US in 2008, and as we busied ourselves with drawing and quartering anyone that was not the most pure of Conservative-minded members of humanity, what did we do?

We got googly-eyed and wistful over a moderate Republican who is, worst of all crimes, Pro-Abortion. And we cheered. Why is that, exactly?

Our mouthpieces in the “Party” will tell you it’s because Brown is our way of telling Obama and the Democrats “no more.” I suggest it’s because we’re tired of losing by being right. Guess what? Scott Brown is a wake up call for any purist out there who is willing to crash and burn the GOP and go third party just to make a point. Especially if it means we get to stay out in the wilderness for a generation, so long as we can staunchly defend our position as the ones who cared (above all else) about defending the chastity of “Conservatism.”

“We, the People” out here in the heartland know that what the Democrats have done..and continue to try to do…does not bode well for our childrens’ futures. We know that the policies of this President and his party are wholly contrary to what we believe must be done to “save the Republic” yet we squabbled amongst ourselves for scraps from the table we let THEM have all the seats to. Why? Because we were more interested in being “pure” and “right” than we were in winning…and look what we have to show for it now.

I hate…yes, hate…much of what our squishy Rinos have done (and continue to do), and I would love nothing more than to see all of our leadership removed and replaced with far more Conservative-minded individuals. It’s not going to happen because they know something we refuse to admit to ourselves-there aren’t enough of the good ones out there. And of the few “pure” Conservatives that actually MIGHT be skilled enough to pull us, collectively, back from the edge of the cliff, very few of them have an interest in (or could survive) fighting through the ever-increasing complexities of the vetting process. I, for example, would love to go to Washington and bitch-slap a few of the morons the Left has put in office, but guess what? I would never survive the background check…I was a teenager in the 70’s.

That’s all I have to say about that.

My point is that, as with life in general, we have to take the good with the bad and have to work hard every day to make the good rise above. We just showed an incredible amount of enthusiasm (and damned fine activism at the grass roots level I might add) in the case of a man we would have cut into little pieces a year ago. But what we got out of Brown’s victory is NOT an unseating of a Democrat..and it is certainly NOT forcing an ascension of a Conservative.

No, what we got in Massachusetts is proof that the Right really CAN hit the streets and get a person elected against all odds…and that we really CAN stomach the idea of fighting for a person with whom we may disagree on many levels, SOLELY because he is better than the alternative.

I don’t like this any more than a lot of my equally hard-right friends, colleagues, and fellow members of the VRWC but it is what it is: we’re stuck with each other, and we need to figure out how to get along. I know our beliefs are right and just, but we’re outnumbered. And, as the ad campaign for the Lottery suggests – “you gotta play to win.” We’ve enthusiastically let Scott Brown onto the field, and now we have to give him some game time even though we KNOW he’s got a different set of values and opinions…some of which run counter to our most fundamental beliefs.

Our next stage of development will be to build on the energy and enthusiasm of Brown supporters, and get a whole lot better at keeping our Republican brethren’s feet to the fire making sure they represent OUR needs in the hallowed halls of Congress with greater enthusiasm than in stroking their personal vanities.

There is, it would appear now in light of Scott brown, hope for us if we stand together.