Obama: I Want Harry Reid To Lose

At least that’s what he seems to be saying:

The White House is about to make another big gesture demonstrating its support for Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader under fire for remarks he made about President Obama’s race.

In February, Mr. Obama will head to Nevada to appear with Mr. Reid, who is facing a tough reelection battle there, aides said today.

After all, everyone ELSE he’s campaigned for has lost-perhaps this is how he gets even with Reid for ruining his Presidency…and destroying that ever-elusive legacy all Presidents work their entire term(s) trying to establish.

What better way to get Reid gone…look like he was trying to help…and move forward with the rest of his term having some modicum of hope that he’ll get something, anything, accomplished before he’s forced into retirement. If luck has any interest in living on our side of the aisle, perhaps he’ll campaign for Pelosi as well.

We can only hope.