The Whitehouse Acid Trip

Nothing else explains this latest hallucination from Obama apologists:

The White House Tuesday argued President Barack Obama’s “steady diplomacy” had made America stronger and renewed its moral authority despite “unprecedented challenges” in his first year in office.

But the assessment, posted on the White House website, did not dwell on the lack of success garnered by one of Obama’s top priority foreign policy drives, peace moves in the Middle East, and reflected a tougher tone on Iran.

Of COURSE they didn’t dwell on their failures.

“A year later, America is stronger because of the president’s leadership,” said Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, in a White House blog post.

“The global economy has been pulled back from the brink of catastrophe. We are responsibly winding down the war in Iraq, and increasing our focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Umm, Rhodes must have his own personal stash: pulled the economy back from the brink of disaster? 10% unemployment, hundreds of thousands that have given up looking for work, ridiculous numbers of reduced jobs out there to even apply for? And responsibly winding down the war in Iraq?

Rhodes argued Obama had quickly got to work refocusing the fight against Al-Qaeda, restoring US alliances, committing the United States to confronting climate change and nuclear proliferation.

He said Obama’s 30,000 strong troop surge in Afghanistan proved the strategy and resources were now in place “that this urgent challenge demands” and noted Obama was on track to get combat troops out of Iraq by the end of August.

Sorry, folks-there was nothing “quick” about the time Obama spent dithering (sorry-refocusing) over the McChrystal report while the numbers killed climbed well above the worst numbers under a “commmitted to win” Bush administration.

“By prohibiting torture and working to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, we are denying Al-Qaeda a recruiting tool,” said Rhodes, who has played an instrumental role in many of Obama’s biggest foreign policy speeches.

He said domestic terror plots had been disrupted and terrorists had been caught, but added in a reference to the thwarted bid to blow up a US airliner “as we learned over Christmas, more work has to be done.”

Hmm…move them to trials in NYC may sound good on paper, but suggesting he had anything to do with the brave Americans that took things into their own hands on-BOARD that plane is just over the top…no matter their drug of choice in making this claim.

When he came to office in January 2009, Obama offered a hand of dialogue to Iran but has been rebuffed and now the administration is working with international partners on a toughened sanctions regime over a nuclear showdown.

“After a year of American engagement, the international community is more united than ever before in calling on Iran to live up to its obligations, while Iran is more isolated,” he said.

I want me some of what they be trippin’ on-these people are hysterical. Could be window pane…might be mushrooms, but whatever they’re smuggling in through the looking glass, Alice is happier than she EVER was with the Queen of Hearts.