Barack Obama: A President That Wasn't

Hillary Clinton once said, during her run for President against her current boss, that the Presidency was no place for on the job training. She said she would be ready to lead from day one and that she would know what to do when that 3 am call came to the White House. Whether or not true of Hillary, we have learned these last 12 months that it is certainly not true of Barack Obama; Obama was NOT ready to lead from day one and he has failed to lead ever since. His own 3 am calls are going straight to voice mail (he’s out shooting hoops you see, or working on that birdie putt on Maui) and his on the job training continues with very little acquired knowledge to actually show for the troubles he has caused Americans.

Today’s entry in the “Epic Fail Diaries of Barack Obama” leads us to consider Al Qaeda in Yemen. The Al Qaeda he is sending 30,000 American troops to fight against in Afghanistan is the very same Al Qaeda he promises to inflict justice on in Detroit and ALSO just happens to be the Al Qaeda he means to tuck tail and run from in Yemen. And, to give AQ the leg up they need in the propaganda war, he (along with a host of other countries that have vowed to “disrupt, dismantle, and defeat” them) has now closed America’s shining beacon of freedom out of fear that some bad guys might do a bad thing to us there… the very same place he keeps insisting on sending GITMO terrorists to. Yes, Al Qaeda terrorists.

Not what I call Presidential.

With so many failures – be they derived from inaction or ambivalence – Obama is creating for himself the least “presidential” legacy of any President in recent memory. His won’t be borne of health care, or saving the planet, or bailing out (and taking over) the private sector. It won’t even be found in immigration reform or jobs “created or saved.”

It will be George Bush.

Most of his campaign promises, and much of his agenda since being elected, have been based on a commitment to being “un-Bush” whenever, wherever, and however possible. From economics to war, Obama has built a Presidency based on undermining and undoing as much of his predecessor’s work as possible and blaming all the world’s troubles on former President Bush under the auspices of bringing the American people hope and change (as if the 8 previous years in America were fraught with hopelessness and stagnation). In promising to end a war in Iraq because the enemy is (and always was) in Afghanistan, Obama assured us that the fight is with Al Qaeda, yet he has done nothing more than capitulate America’s strength and position around the world to those very same people who have worked diligently over the past 8 years to kill us.

Very un-Bush of him.

George W. Bush’s predecessor gave us the new and improved Somalia. Ronald Reagan’s predecessor gave us the new and improved Iran. And now, Obama means to give us some twisted new version of Yemen we can’t even fully comprehend yet. With any luck, Obama’s replacement will have the means and national will to undo Obama’s damage before it can’t be undone.

If nothing else, there will be no arguing that Barack Obama is NO George W. Bush.