Capriciousness, Avarice Aforethought, Despotism: Bellwethers Of America's Ruling Class

This is not a pep talk, it’s my response to Congress. The Senate actions of the last several weeks have given rise to much angst and cynicism from every corner of America. More of us are against what they mean to do with health care than are for it. More of us are against this President than are for him. More of us, than EVER, have spoken up or spoken out…attended Townhalls or Tea Party rallies or called Congress or found forums to engage other like-minded Americans in debate and discussion about what’s going wrong in our Country up there in Washington DC. The result, sadly, is always the same-they just ignore us.

It’s tempting to go off on some rant about the Constitution or hold a copy of the Declaration of Independence up high in a clenched fist, but it’s a general waste of time and good effort-bad polling numbers and pubic outrage doesn’t work. The two things that DO work with our Political Heroes are campaign dollars and election results. The good news in all of this mess is that they flipped us off well-enough ahead of the next cycle to give us time to send them the message they’ll hear.

Consider that the Townhallers and the Tea Partiers have been called everyting from Nazis to birthers and fanatics – the people running around in right-wing militia and Aryan support groups, and ask yourself if you feel “represented” by the people running our country. Consider the backroom deals and greased palms and the souls being sold to garner Federal funds for their home states, even if it means killing a few babies along the way, and ask yourself if these are the sorts of people that make you proud to be an American.

I’ve heard the voices among we Republicans, loud and clear, that a change in leadership is required: I agree. I’ve seen the writings of many a talented citizen journalist who suggest that the only way to “teach” our party a lesson is to make them lose until they do as we wish: I disagree..but I understand the sentiment. I’m mad too. I think, even for those of us willing to stay a minority just to make a point, there is a better way. We, the People have an honor-bound duty to stand up for (and defend) America. There are easier ways than political masochism to demand that our voices be heard, but if we’re going to resign ourselves to sitting in the cheap seats for a few more years, we might as well find ways to entertain ourselves.

We know the Party machine doesn’t give a flip about us and we know the NRSC is ignoring us-stricken with the same disease as the Democrats who ALSO believe they know better what’s good for us than we do. What we ALSO know is that the Republican Party needs our money…and our votes…and they know we have nowhere else to go. Consider, instead of the current system of blackmail and cronyism, finding a candidate in your District that you CAN support, and giving the money directly TO them. Consider joining your County Republican Party and attending meetings. Sit quietly the first few times until you know how the local shell game works, and then open your mouth and start adding your 2 cents worth…physically AND metaphorically. Pretend, as you write that check, that it is your way of being AGAINST the Democrat if you can’t stomach being FOR your Republican.

There is nothing written that says we can ONLY fund the National machine-they have truly lost their way. We, on the other hand, continue seeking new ways to re-FIND ours..and it starts at the local level. If no other lesson is taken away from the shenanigans on Capitol Hill of late, take away this one:

Now is not the time for us to take our marbles and go home.

Now is the time for all good conservatives to work together whenever we can to promote conservative principles successfully through the Republican Party.

The time is ripe for this because non-conservative Republicans have lost so many elections that, for instance in the House of Representatives, they have an almost negligible presence in public office. Let’s build a new majority party which opportunists cannot cripple again by selling out conservative principles.

Here are two fundamental objectives:

1. To nominate and elect to public office a greater number of principled conservative Republicans.

2. To advance a greater number of principled conservatives to positions of Republican Party leadership at the local, state, and national levels.

The Party may reside in Washington, but its members are right there in your own home town. It’s the mess of our own house that needs cleaning. The alternative is more of what Harry Reid just gave you. I can think of no better way to return him the favor.