You Can't Vote FOR Healthcare Reform And Call Yourself An American

It’s not even what’s IN this 2,000 page monstrosity of a healthcare bill that is at issue anymore, it’s what enacting it represents. Remember, it was only a couple hundred years ago that a King’s tyranny and despotism gave birth to a Nation of men and women more willing to die for liberty than live for the whims and fancies of an elite class hell bent on expanding their wealth and power on the backs of those having to live hand to mouth just to survive.

Rasmussen reports today that a meager 38% of us “favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats.” In fact, the article goes on to suggest that 56% actually oppose it. The aristocrats on the Hill, meanwhile, continue to push forward with the most un-American, un-Patriotic legislation presented to the American people…their BOSSES…since the New deal. ANY socialized Government-run system runs counter to everything our Founding Fathers fought and died for, and voting for it runs counter to everything being an “American” is supposed to represent.

We’ve given the ruling class Tea Parties, and they call us Nazis. We’ve had protests and rallies and we’ve crashed their phone systems trying to tell them no, and they’ve thrown the race card in our face. They’ve tried to define “we, the People” along party lines by suggesting the GOP is just the party of “no”, while the Democrats are the party “fulfilling an agenda of progress and change”. [For the record, I’ll take “party of no” over “party of death” any day.]

The health care debate is not about health care, it’s not about what race you are, and it’s certainly not about which party you’re affiliated with. The health care debate is about who really runs this country. Is it the American taxpayer, or is it the power-monger on Capitol Hill?

Progress and change just for the SAKE of progress and change is not acceptable to the American people. Progress and change to more deeply root the cancer that has become our Political elite class is not acceptable to the American people. Progress and change that makes our lives better…eases our collective pain…brightens the futures of our children and grandchildren…these are things worthy of debate and worth fighting for in the Halls of Congress, and these are the things Congress should be focusing on right now, today.

Instead of buying each other’s votes they should be listening to each other’s concerns. Instead of deluding themselves and lying to the American people, they should take a big step backward and remember what their purpose in life is when they get to their office each morning. They are there at OUR pleasure, and they are expected to do OUR bidding.

They need to make some progress on the unemployment crisis, and change their attitude about taking over everything they think they can run better from on high. THEN, as Lee Iacocca once said, they can get the hell out of the way. When the money is in OUR hands it is ALWAYS more wisely spent..we know what to do with it better than they do.