"We're Going To Take Whatever Steps Are Necessary"

So sayeth President Obama as he promises “to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.” But, like so many other promises he makes, this one can not be kept.

Whether or not this was an act of terrorism, and whether or not Hasan’s words and deeds foretold the senseless loss of life at Fort Hood, we have sadly become all too familiar with large-scale massacres of innocent life at the hands of people we never expected would commit them. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma City…the list grows longer by the day. There were vague warning signs before each of these horrible acts, yet they were ignored until hindsight allowed us to get a peek inside the minds of those who committed them.

Trying to make sense of the senseless is folly, and promising to prevent it a fool’s errand.

Like every other incident, there will be tears and mourning and remembrance for the victims today at Fort Hood. There will be hindsight and reflection, but ultimately the memory will fade for all except those that actually LOST a loved one at Hasan’s deranged bidding. There aren’t even any lessons to take away from it, save for the reminder that there are crazy people out there who wish to do others harm, and are more than happy to die for their efforts. Hasan’s own words bear this out:

We love death more then [sic] you love life!”

The future will show whether Hasan did it for Allah and his fellow Muslims, or whether he just snapped one day, but what the rest of us STILL face is the notion that no one can be fully trusted, no one can be relied on to protect us from this, and no one..CERTAINLY not the Federal Bureaucracy…can be looked to for providing any of us with personal safety and security. So long as there are people in the world that consider people like this coward, Hasan, a hero there will be more acts of violence against innocent people. It is still, ultimately, up to each of us to protect ourselves and be ever-vigilant and ever-watchful of those around us that might do us or our loved ones harm.

Had Hasan’s classmates and peers and superiors bothered to do so, a great loss of life might have been avoided on November 5, 2009. They didn’t, and it wasn’t.

And today America mourns once again.