I *Used* To Be Disgusted, Now I'm Just Amused

There’s no point in railing any more about the Nobel freak show…the entire world has already chimed in. No, I think I’m really past all that. But what DOES concern me about Obama “winning” the Peace prize is what giving him this award really means: those of us that actually TRY, through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice…commitment and perseverance…trial and error…and blood, sweat, and tears…WE are wasting our time.

Consider the way kids are handled in youth league competition nowadays; no one loses, no one keeps score, EVERY one gets a participation trophy – none larger or smaller than anyone else’s. EVERYONE comes in first; “thanks for playing kids…we’re ALL winners here.” Frankly, I’m surprised there hasn’t already been a ban on ALL short buses. God forbid we give the mean bullies out there any ammunition to make fun of any of the other kids in school.

It’s not about winning or losing in this life any more; showing up is good enough to get you in the door and “you being you” qualifies you for the Hall of Fame. The effort put forth to win…to beat the competition handily until they beg for mercy and submit, acknowledging defeat…all these traits that make great people great are irrelevant now. Obama’s winning of the Peace Prize before he had done anything more than TALK about making peace around the world only goes to show that it’s not what you accomplish in life that means anything anymore…only saying what you HOPE to accomplish is all that’s needed. “If you make them believe you, they will come” and other some such nonsense and foolishness.

It’s sad, really. Sad for those truly worthy of this year’s nomination and sad for Obama himself. The legitimate nominees get slapped down; losers but for lack of the name recognition their unqualified competition enjoys. They have every reason to be bitter, though each of them has way too much class to actually say as much. He has to look himself in the mirror knowing full well he doesn’t deserve this, knowing full well he can never admit that to the crooning and adoring fans of his, and knowing full well he has only bad choices here about what to do.

He’ll likely take the prize, and the money, and use this every time we disagree with him going forward: “but I WON THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE..you HAVE to agree with me!”

The nominees will keep on doing great things, and Obama will keep on accomplishing nothing…but talking a great deal about how hard he tries.

As a dear friend said today, “life is officially mockable.”