Michelle Obama: When The Race Card Stalls, Trump With Gender For The Win

Seriously Michelle…SERIOUSLY?

Via Drudge we learn that the First Lady believes the current healthcare system is ‘crushing’ women and is, therefore, unacceptable. Apparently, according to the FIRST woman, just being a woman requires that you suffer an undue burden for your family in attending to their collective need for healthcare. Not to worry, ladies, her husband means to deliver you from this evil:

[W]omen play a unique and increasingly significant role in our families. We know the pain, because we are usually the ones dealing with it.

Eight in 10 women, mothers, report that they’re the ones responsible for choosing their children’s doctor, for getting them to their checkups, for managing that follow-up care. Women are the ones to do it. Mothers are the ones that do it. And many women find themselves doing the same thing for their spouses. (Laughter.) And more than 10 percent of women in this country are currently caring for a sick or elderly relative. It’s often a parent, but it could a grandparent, or a mother — or a relative of some sort — but it’s often a parent. So they’re making critical health care decisions for those family members as well.


So I think it’s clear that health insurance reform and what it means for our families is very much a women’s issue. It is very much a women’s issue.

And if we want to achieve true equality for women, if that is our goal; if we want to ensure that women have opportunities that they deserve, if that is our goal; if we want women to be able to care for their families and pursue things that they could never imagine, then we have to reform the system. We have to reform the system. The status quo is unacceptable. It is holding women and families back, and we know it.

Women appear, in Shelly’s mind, to be in especial need of a Government takeover of all that tedious business of attending to our family healthcare needs so the girls can catch a little break from the heavy labor of…wait for it…life and reality and personal responsibility.

But what about the non-women out there? Many men have assumed this role…do they NOT know the work of tending to the healthcare needs of their families, or are these things just not a burden to them because they’re “men” and therefore don’t know any better? Worse, is she suggesting that Men don’t need to be saved…just the Women? Worse, still…is she pretending that Men don’t even DO these things…only Women?

I know inarticulate, desperate blathering when I hear it. This, my friends, is the finest example I’ve come across in quite a while.