A Long Train Of Abuses And Usurpations

That stretch of the Declaration of Independence is one of my favorites although it enjoys far less reference than it deserves. There’s the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” thing that our Political Heroes lost track of a very long time ago…and, of course, the “all men are created equal” bit which might be more overused than most (in order to justify oodles of foolishness from Capitol Hill). Then there’s the “throw off such Government, and [to] provide new guards” piece which still gives me goosebumps even though such a thing would be suicidal folly in today’s world…we’re out-gunned… but such an approach to returning America to her people is long past its usefulness anyway.

What the Declaration DID give us though was an instructive description of how bad things had become, and a crystal clear explanation of how far the men who signed it were willing to go to remedy a terribly long list of grievances and complaints against their government. They, by signing it, were knowingly committing treason and were willing to die to have themselves heard…they were, and many of them did.

A “long train of abuses and usurpations” fairly well describes where America finds herself these days too…Congress in general, and Democrats in particular, have endeavored to subject “we, the People” to sufferings similar in many ways to the ones endured by our Founders. We, like our forefathers, have begun reaching that point of no return where even those most willing to continue in their “patient sufferance” of the Federal Government have had enough. Americans (even that “silent majority” we never hear from until election day) have lost their patience with this nonsense and are willing to endure no more.

It is far too generous to credit our modern-day Politicians with even a fraction of the skill required to impose tyranny and despotism on their subjects that King George and his parliament possessed at the time of our founding…it’s fair, however, to accuse them of the lesser crime of attempting to impose a Kleptocracy on America. The good news, thank God, is that we’re on to them. The Tea party Patriots, The Tea Party Express, and other groups forming now or soon to be formed, are taking to the streets. There may be those among us who would stand in their way but these Patriots will not be deterred.

I think it’s worth taking a little time to review the events that led up to the Revolution. I am, admittedly, no historian or history buff…but Google is a friend to many of us “un-learned.” The Boston Tea Party Historical Society provides a succinct enough timeline of all the foolishness King George and the British Parliament dreamed up in order to line their own pockets and demand of us money for things over which we had no control, while assuming control over things that had a very direct effect on us…all with the intention of establishing laws to control our everyday lives without our having any say or any voice in framing them in ways that would be most likely to our collective benefit. Sound familiar?

In all that riled up our Founders to the breaking point of armed revolt, “taxation without representation” was at the core. Do we not find ourselves in the same position today, 200 plus years later?

Whether it be Government control over a huge manufacturing sector and all its “downline” elements (a sector that controls our basic need for mobility beyond our front yard, no less), Banking and Finance and Insurance industries (and all ITS “downlines” which control our ability to buy or sell or invest in our short and long term future), Energy (heat, hot water, lights, telephone…and again, fuel to facilitate our mobility), and now Health Care/Health Insurance (life and death and everything in between). ANY of us that rely on ANY of these things are affected (meaning ALL of us).

Our President and the Democrat majority is lined up, perfectly, to control every aspect of our lives…set the rules, impose the bureaucracy, and await our submission to their whim(s). It’s like WE’RE in America, and THEY are in some far away land making rules and forcing us to abide by them AND pay for them to keep sitting around making new ones up.

Oh wait…we are, they are, and we do.

As was the case on Griffin’s Wharf a very long time ago, a few Americans have started saying “enough” , and there are even MORE Americans beginning to join the chorus. I say it’s about (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) time.

The Signers pointed out that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” While it may be true that some of those that “govern” are a little put out by how upset ‘we that are governed’ might BE these days, we are nonetheless put-out ourselves, and we demand that our leaders listen to our grievances rather than dismiss us out of hand like some angry mob with no legitimate complaint…as that right was given to us by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers through their blood and their mettle and their unwavering demands for the very freedoms and liberties our current generation of Politicians keep working behind closed doors (and unread legislation) to usurp.

The history of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid…and all their co-conspirators…has constrained us to alter our current system of Government. 2010 looms, and there’s going to be a reckoning. Theirs is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Kleptocracy of these United States.

The Signers, firmly relying on Divine Providence, mutually pledged to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. No one does that anymore…but these are special times and we live under complicated circumstances.

Let the facts be submitted to a candid world.