Obama: My Work Here Is Done

Let’s review the scorecard. Obama has taken over the Auto Industry…check. Obama has taken over the Energy Industry…check. Obama has taken over the Banking and Finance Industry…check. And, despite our collective wails and gnashing of teeth, Obama has presumably taken over the Healthcare and Health Insurance Industries as well.

Obama has been a busy little bee.

At least he has reassured us now by having deigned himself a full partner with God, and thank goodness for that given his plan to open our borders to immigrants this Fall (like a flood) for all those people around the world hoping to come to America and do the jobs Americans won’t do-terrorists or otherwise.

Obama hasn’t worried himself over what any this will cost all of us, and why should he? His eligibility for office will have run its course by the time the bill(s) will come due-it won’t be HIS problem by then, will it? Besides, 9 trillion dollars is chump change to our great-grandchildren…they can just print more money and all will be right as rain.

Given all the hard work and long nights and fierce negotiations he has suffered to endure these past few months, Obama has reached that pinnacle of leadership few Presidents before him have ever been able to achieve, and now he will go off to reflect on his greatness. Well-deserved retreat, dontcha think? And such a bargain at 35 grand a week, on our dime, so he can ponder his next book of memories and accomplishments.

Perhaps he’ll take a little time out while he’s soaking up the sun and salty air on the Vineyard to put the finishing touches on his plans to get even with all that tried (unsuccessfully) to stand in his way. Maybe he’ll have a little sit-down with Gov. Paterson and suggest he stop dragging his name into Paterson’s troubles. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll even give a shout out to Jon Voight in hopes of reassuring Mr. Voight that he really ISN’T a bully and that the only freedoms he’s interested in taking away from us are the ones we never managed very well on our own to begin with.

Whatever he does with his time and my money, I’m sure he’ll come back renewed and refreshed and ready to get back to work. He’ll be well-rested, confident and collected, and he’ll be in full and complete control of the things that matter to all of us.

That housekeeping staff may have to go down to the local WalMart, though, and pick up a few things. Rumor has it he has a pesky little personal problem.