Dear House GOP: Pay Attention [UPDATED]

[image via Akeco Blog ]

[A brief half hour after the original post, the House passed the “Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act” and I apologize for not catching that the vote was to actually take place today after all. I share with you, for your reading pleasure, the GOP members that chose to stab us in the back over the Energy crisis. Thank any of them that represent YOU (but not your interests) if you are so inclined.

Buchanan, Castle, Gilchrest, Hayes, Inglis, Jones (NC), Kirk, Knollenberg, LaHood, LoBiondo, Porter, Ramstad, Reichert, Shays, and Smith (NJ)

Of course, with 13 Dems going with US by voting no, the margin was closer…and 8 Republicans chose not to drag their sorry butts to the floor to engage the fight…Ron Paul among them fwiw. Either way, the majority the Dems enjoy because of 2006 would have passed this thing no matter what. Elections DO matter folks.

Thanks for nothing you 15 GOP scumbags…no, really. We’ll be thinking of you every day at the pumps…and on election day as well.]

I offered the House GOP a challenge a month ago today. Of course, being a nobody, no one in the House GOP actually got back to me…but hey-I’m not sensitive. Now that Congress is back in session, however, this deserves another shout out. Consider Congressman Pence today at Redstate and his urging that we all contact the Democrats and tell them to vote “NO” on Speaker Pelosi’s energy bill.

See, here’s the thing GOP Congress critters…

**I don’t want you THERE at all**.

More below the “**we’re begging you guys**” fold…

Stage a walk out, a work-stoppage, a strike if you will…in the name of the American taxpayers that pay your salaries. If you force Congress to shut down due to a failure to reach a quorum, the ban will be lifted with NO help from the Democrats. I WANT to pay you to not go to work until Oct. 2, 2008. Do you have it in you?

No one has to sign their name to any bills that might endanger their re-election chances. No one will be held accountable, and no one will be blamed…except the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi…and no one will hold it against you. It worked in Texas over the re-districting fiasco… Heck, you’ll even help McCain by not forcing him to side with the gang of [fill in the blank pandering parade] disaster.

As I said a month ago, do it, and do it now.

Congressional inaction has gone on for two years now. While you have been on the clock you have accomplished nothing meaningful that addresses the needs of “we, the People.” Here is your chance to actually DO something meaningful by actually doing nothing at all. You failed us on spending. You failed us on Iraq, and on entitlements and a whole host of other issues we told you were critical when we elected you. Here’s your chance to actually DO something we need, critically, by not showing up for work. There’s little difference either way, at this point, and you’ll actually be doing our bidding for once…and doing yourselves a huge favor. For the first time in your lives let your inaction actually WORK for the American people – go on strike.

Do not return to session until the ban expires.