Remember And Pray

[image via JohnDavidHead.com]

Many crises have befallen this great Nation throughout her history. We have faced each one in turn, and dealt with them accordingly. So, too, did we come together as ONE Nation, under God, in the face of the hell that was unleashed on September 11, 2001. We moved on, but lost sight along the way of where 9/11 took us as a Nation. Where we once stood together, we now treat each other as if there is no “Nation” but rather a very big island with 300 million people living on it with little or no compassion or acceptance of the others who live all around us. That was not supposed to be what 9/11 taught us, yet there it is.

I won’t bother trying to ask this Country to remember how close we felt to each other that day, nor will I expect anyone to remember how it made us feel about our Country. I WOULD expect everyone to take a moment to remember the lost and repeat THIS prayer even if only under your breath so as to not disturb any around you that prefer to forget the day ever happened or who was to blame for it.

Almighty God, the past year will be indelibly inscribed in our memories.

We looked with horror on the terrorist attacks of last September 11th.But we looked with honor on acts of courage by ordinary peoplewho sacrificed themselves to prevent further death and destruction.

We shed our tears in a common bond of grief for those we loved and lost.We journeyed through a dark valley, but your light has led us to a place of hope. You have turned our grief into determination.We are resolved to do what is good, and right, and just.

Help us to remember what it means to be Americans—a people endowed with abundant blessings.Help us to cherish the freedoms we enjoy and inspire us to standwith courage, united as one Nation in the midst of any adversity.

Lord, hear this prayer for our Nation. Amen.

God Bless America.

NEVER Forget.