Obama/Biden On Unifying America: Prosecute Bush Administration Post-Mortem

Joe Biden thinks (using the term loosely) that criminal charges should be pursued against the Bush Administration as soon as he and Obama complete their ascendancy to the throne of Liberalism. We could cast this aside as some feeble attempt at winning over a few tinfoil hat-wearing fringe kooks within the Democrat party but for the fact that Obama suggested as much back in April of this year. This idea of bogging the country down in partisan vendettas to gin up support among voters already in your pocket sounds eerily familiar, and promises to be as fatally flawed as it has been every other time it has been tried.

Having said that, Pelosi and Reid successfully rode that witch hunt pony to a “Majority status” in 2006. They have since squandered all that political capital, of course, but it doesn’t mean they understand why just yet. Apparently the Democrats continue to believe they don’t actually NEED to get any meaningful legislation passed to stay in power…they just need to keep talking about how awful George Bush is. And now that Biden and Obama are suggesting, again, that America needs investigations and hearings and subpoenas and Committees to chase the ghosts of the Bush Administration past, it says a great deal about how HARD they intend to work at making the same mistakes that have Congress enjoying its lowest approval ratings in modern American history.

As a partisan hack for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, I personally rather enjoy the idea of Obama and Biden and their posse beclowning themselves so visibly…heck, look how they’ve mastered it with the Palin nomination and their new-found admissions of disgust at the idea of a woman wanting to have a family AND a career in politics. I’m delightfully entertained, but I’m sick of seeing NOTHING being accomplished for the people our Political heroes promised they’d take care of and represent when they got elected.

You Democrats out there would be well advised to tell your Messiah and his side-kick to let this one go…call it free and friendly advice. You guys are already in enough trouble with we, the Voters, as it is. Of course, you won’t actually TAKE my advice, but I can say for the record I offered it. In the meantime?

Pass the popcorn and the beer-this is starting to get good.