The Nick Lampson Identity Crisis

TX-22’s own Nick Lampson, failed Democrat toiling fruitlessly under the disastrous reign of Nancy Pelosi, is at it again. Like so many OTHER of his Democrat colleagues who have insisted on being on the wrong side of the Energy debate, Lampson has gotten religion …JUST in time to come back from a vacation he didn’t earn to pretend to care about legislation his lunatic Speaker will make sure never gets passed. Interestingly, while his official US Congress website pimps a drill petition he calls his own, his personal re-election campaign website, has NOTHING mentioned about Energy in the “Issues” drop-down tabs.

There is a good reason: Nick Lampson has a poor record on Energy, and he hopes we won’t find out about it…at the very least he means to lie to us about it …and his opponent, Pete Olson, in a piece over at The Hill Blog, doesn’t think Lampson should get off so easy:

Nick Lampson helped create America’s energy problems. Now, he’s touting a bill that is a compilation of all of the things he’s opposed for so long – domestic drilling, new refineries, alternative energy technology and the rest. It’s the same tactic he’s taken in the past, and it’s all about politics – not about solving our energy problems. Once this election passes, so will Nick’s new-found love for American energy independence – mainly because he’ll be back at his home in Beaumont.

More below the “boy but do these Democrats suck” fold…

Truer words have never been spoken, sir. Consider this little gem from the Houston Chronicle about the sad state of affairs for Democrats who find themselves stuck on Obama for the ’08 Election:

U.S. Rep. Nick Lampson’s reaction to Barack Obama here this week will differ from the one he displayed in Sugar Land last week.

The contrast may be a perfect illustration of the dance, if not the dilemma, facing moderate Democrats as they try to win re-election in seesaw districts across the nation: how to bridge support for Obama, who has a liberal Senate record and a “change” agenda, with a centrist message back home.

Dancin’ with the Dilemma…hunh-got a nice ring to it, don’t it?

Check Lampson’s “Not Voting” records while you’re considering whether Olson is worth supporting. 152 votes missed may pale in comparison to others, it’s the votes he missed that make Lampson a joke in the People’s House. Along with not caring enough about his constituents to do ANYTHING about Energy for the last two years except double prices at the pump, Lampson ALSO seems indifferent about everything from Head Start to Internet Tax Freedom, to Dam Rehabilitation and Repair, to National Defense, to Small Business…and everything in between.

Quite a legacy for a guy once AGAINST ANWR and other initiatives to wean us off foreign oil…and the one who wants you to think he’s “Mr. Energy” now.