Thank You Senator Obama, For Making This So *Easy*

The selection of Joe Biden to be a heart beat away from the Presidency re-invigorates and refreshes this politics-weary old guy. All that clap trap about hope and change and fixing Washington because it was “broken” from our poor misguided Barack Obama had a lot of people going…for awhile. Long enough to get Hillary out of the spotlight – and we thank you for that Senator. A lot of us had already had more than a gullet-full of “that woman” and you were at least able to make her disappear.

Well done.

A lot of us have been ambivalent about John McCain because, on the one hand he is not a surgically clean “Conservative” nor does he espouse many of the principles and ideals we so-called “movement Conservatives” hold so dear. On the other hand, of course, he is not Barack Obama. Having said that, however, “movement Conservatism” is not what this election is about. In fact, this election may really have become that moment in history that sees “ideological purity” finally removed from political discourse all together. Clearly, the selection of John McCain from a field that had, arguably, a decent number of “almost-purists” has made it abundantly clear to we “far right-wingers” that winning is far more important than being right, and we have settled into this new place reserved for us within the GOP (albeit kicking and screaming).

But Barack Obama has a lot of really bad ideas for what America needs, and he has no clue about what America wants. He is as far removed from the rank and file American citizen as a politician can be. So, too, is his running mate. And for Biden to misspeak, on day 1 of his candidacy, of a Barack America and to hear Obama himself misspeak in referring to Biden as the next President, it’s obvious we are about to embark on a 2 month mystery tour with the two stooges; sounding pretty and trashing the competition is what the dream team wishes to subject us to and, frankly, they’ll un-elect themselves without any assistance from Johnny Mac. That these two men would have us believe they know best what we’ll need to focus on for the next 4 or 8 years is beyond comedy. It’s just theater, and we’re going to be asked now to engage in a few months of rock ’em sock ’em robots between the young black guy and his old white guy sidekick as they go toe to toe with another old white guy…and presumably… another old white guy.

More below the “man,I feel a whole better now” fold…They’ll rant and rave about which one wants more of your money to give away to other people. They’ll take turns trying to convince us which one cares more about the unborn death rate or sending Soldiers to the right and wrong places to fight the bad guys they’re not exactly sure exist. They’ll try to one-up each other over what the right number of immigration-law violators should be, and they’ll even tug at our wallets as they fight over going green (whatever the hell THAT means anymore)…and in the end, come November, we’ll all be really glad it’s over.

It’s safe to say that America can not afford Barack Obama, and we’re going to be sick to death of smokin’ Joe Biden by the end of October. And, when the dust settles, the grownups around here that still look out for the collective best interests of our country will have successfully averted a disastrous administration by putting McCain in the White House to hold us over until some younger grown ups can be found that really DO care more about the best interests of “we, the People” that pay THEM to do our bidding…in the White House and around the Halls of Congress…than they do about all that fame and celebrity they lust for.

However much I might struggle with McCain, this is a slam dunk now…thanks Barry, for the memories…but most of all for helping me see the error of my earlier ways.

McCain and ANYBODY.. ’08