Kill Your Baby If You Must, It's OK, But We'll Hand Out Jillions If Some Of You Keep One

That appears to be the latest Obama marketing strategy for pandering to the pro-life crowd at least. Sadly, there might just be something to this grand little master-stroke from the soulless Messiah.

Over the years since Roe, many of us have said that we MUST improve the options for expectant Mothers such that they wouldn’t even dream of killing their babies. From improving the adoption system and eliminating all the bureaucratic red tape, to enhancing medical care availability, to establishing Mother-specific welfare and public assistance programs designed to actually encourage women to become Mothers, the things that have been in the way of them being able or willing to carry their pregnancies to term need to be reduced or eliminated if we are going to expect them to go through with such a life-changing experience: being a Mother.

We haven’t done these things sufficiently and, millions dead later, just exactly where are we now given that we have a potential President with no regard for unborn life? Why, we are right where Barack Obama wants us to be:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his supporters are working to win over voters who want to ban or reduce abortions with a call for measures to help women keep their babies.

The party’s platform supports the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal and adds a twist, saying the party “strongly” backs a woman’s decision to carry a pregnancy to term. The compromise language is the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations with abortion-rights groups and religious leaders on both sides of the issue.


The section comprises three paragraphs of a 54-page document that will be approved at the party’s nominating convention in Denver Aug. 25-28. To reassure abortion-rights groups, the first paragraph has stronger language than in past platforms, saying the Democrats “strongly and unequivocally” support Roe v. Wade and oppose efforts to “weaken or undermine” it.

The next paragraph, similar to past platforms, outlines the need for sex education and family-planning services that can reduce unintended pregnancies.

The final paragraph represents a departure: “The Democratic Party also strongly supports a woman’s decision to have a child by ensuring access to and availability of programs for pre- and post-natal health care, parenting skills, income support and caring adoption programs.”

This is a master stroke by the Democrats and their “chosen one.” Those of us with a life-long commitment to cynicism can easily see this for what it really is, but the folks out there who are against abortion yet have come to accept that Roe is under no short-term risk of being overturned might very easily fall for it. After all, we have ALL asked for more help to address the many issues and concerns pregnant women must confront…why would any of us be upset by this? And how could we NOT be called hypocritical were we to denounce this plank from the left?

Well done, Democrats…well done.

Of course, on the Conservative side we had suggested these things be addressed by communities, churches, faith-based initiatives, families and friends, and through legislation that got Government OUT of the way…but, if you’re a liberal, having the Government take over for you makes perfect sense. Cradle to grave and all that…

Barack Obama considers getting pregnant (if that’s not what you were aiming for when you took your clothes off) to be a punishment that no woman should have to face. Couple that with his positions to date on what to do with babies that survive a botched abortion, and you can clearly see he doesn’t give a rip about the babies in this issue…just the votes of the Moms to be, and whether they might take him over the top to winning in the Fall.