An Open Challenge To The House Of Representatives

The Constitution requires a simple majority to be present for the House to conduct business. I have a challenge for each member of the GOP, and any Democrat who now suggests they support legislation to allow offshore drilling. Block a quorum, and do NOT return to Capitol Hill until October 2nd. You guys are still out on your 5 week vacation, and we’re all still alive and well out here in the heartland. Do what any organized labor union would do – stage a walk out and go on strike until the offshore drilling ban lifts itself.

No one has to sign their name to any bills that might endanger their re-election chances. No one will be held accountable, and no one will be blamed…except the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi…and no one will hold it against you.

Do it, and do it now.

Congressional inaction has gone on for two years now. While you have been on the clock you have accomplished nothing meaningful that addresses the needs of “we, the People.” Here is your chance to actually DO something meaningful by actually doing nothing at all. You failed us on spending. You failed us on Iraq, and on entitlements and a whole host of other issues we told you were critical when we elected you. Here’s your chance to actually DO something we need, critically, by not showing up for work. There’s little difference either way, at this point, and you’ll actually be doing our bidding for once. For the first time in your lives let your inaction actually WORK for the American people – go on strike.

Do not return to Washington until the ban expires. I dare you.