Terrorism Pays

The BBC brings us news that Random House doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to publish a book about Muhammad’s adventures in what we would consider in today’s world to be felonious sexual assault of a child by refusing to publish a book about his marriage to A’isha…aged 10 at the time of their marriage. Why, you ask?

Plans to release a novel about Prophet Muhammad’s child bride A’isha have been scrapped by US publishers Random House over fears it could spark violence.The Jewel of Medina, the debut novel by journalist Sherry Jones, was due to hit shelves on 12 August.Random House said it had been advised the book “might be offensive” to some Muslims, and “could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment.””We decided, after much deliberation, to postpone publication,” it added.

If swearing was allowed here, I would now proceed to hurl expletives of every nature and kind…but the posting rules precludes my being able to DO that without being subsequently banned…and beaten bloody by Moe and Neil.

Interestingly enough, we published the DaVinci code…and we aired Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” against ALL manner of protest. But, we reprobates out here in the hinterland have learned how to get over it.

I find it funny that, however pissed off we Christians and Jews were about running an art exhibit called Sensation which included a depiction of the Virgin Mary smeared with elephant dung… the freak show went on all the same. Did we blow ourselves up, or threaten to? Nope. Did we kill a bunch of innocents in an open-air market? Nope. Did we rant and rail…and not go? You betcha.

We Christians need to take a lesson. Apparently, if you don’t want your religious symbols dirtied and soiled, you need to blow yourselves up and KILL a bunch of people…if you do this, everyone will stop staining your ideology. That, or Muslims need to take a breath, and shut the (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) up already…and get over it; “artists” like to trash norms. You no likey? Don’t buy the (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) book.

We have had “tolerance” crammed down our throats in the Christian world for just about as long as our Muslim friends…a little advice, Islam? Take a beer chaser – it works wonders.

I’ve had about all I can stand of our culture and society worrying about angering Muslims, when Christianity (and our OWN symbols) continue to be trashed and denigrated with no care or concern for our feelings…get over it Islam…we ALL have our beasts of burden.