Nancy Pelosi - Unimpressed, Unimpressive

Fox news tells us that Nancy Pelosi is unimpressed by House GOP efforts to bring the House back into session to address gas prices and get an Energy bill done. According to Fox, Pelosi sent a letter to Minority leader Boehner suggesting this:

The facts are clear. The Democratic-led Congress has repeatedly brought forth proposals to increase domestic supply, reduce the price at the pump, protect American consumers and businesses and promote renewable energy and conservation.

To date, Democrats have brought forward 13 major initiatives to accomplish the above goals and each time a majority of House Republicans have voted against these proposals.

What doesn’t square with this whiny response from Pelosi is the fact that she and her party are in the majority in the House. Further, in suggesting that “a majority” of Republicans have been voting against these proposals, she fails to explain why *some* Republicans are voting with her majority…yet she routinely FAILS to pass her so-called “Democrat initiatives.” We should be very unimpressed with how well she has managed her power as Speaker of the House.

Have I mentioned yet that she has also failed to impress her adoring book-reading fan club yet? The irony is not lost on me that her book is titled “KNOW YOUR POWER” while she has been completely incompetent in knowing her own power…To her credit, though, I would offer that she has certainly done an outstanding job of squandering the power she “worked so hard to acquire” since the 2006 mid-terms handed her the gavel.

It’s not too hard to figure out what’s atop her priority list; book sales suck and Nancy needs to get on that tour…STAT! Again, from Drudge:

Pelosi’s sales debacle [#41 on the Non-Fiction Chart] is dramatically overshadowed by the first high profile anti-Obama book, OBAMA NATION, which debuts at #1 on both the BOOKSCAN and the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller List, with 21,466 copies moved, industry insiders tell DRUDGE.

“The speaker was pre-occupied with house business last week,” a source close to Pelosi explained Thursday morning. “She has now turned her focus to promoting this extraordinary book… doing local signings and speeches. I think we’ll see an uptick.”

I see, so running the “People’s House” is a distraction from what really matters to Nancy Pelosi – selling crappy books that no one wants to read. Our gas prices and the overall lack of ANY Energy legislation to address the current crisis matters far less to Nancy Pelosi than getting an “uptick” in her book sales.

Color me unimpressed.