Nancy Pelosi On "We, The Plebeians" - Let Them Eat Cake

Like her soul sister from a bygone era, Nancy Pelosi (the Arch Duchess of California turned Queen of Congress) has no regard for the sufferings of her people. Either she has no capacity for comprehending the depth and breadth of the effects this energy crisis is having on Americans, or she just flatly doesn’t care. More interested insaving the planet than in saving the lives and livelihoods of her fellow homo sapiens, Nancy Pelosi is doing everything in her power to ruin our lives (if need be) in order to stay in power.

It’s clear that she understands the potential wealth she can bring to her district were she to force “green” down our throats because of the density of tree huggers and environmentalist whackos that reside there. She understands the nature of the vile and disgusting culture of corruption and greased palms that IS the Democrat-controlled Congress under her leadership, and I’m fairly certain she sees far too many opportunities to hold on to, and deepen, her power as the Speaker of the House of Representatives with all the votes she’d get for all her “yeoman’s work” of bringing home the bacon to her constituents. What is less clear, however, is just how much farther she’ll take us before our backs break under the weight of her isolation from our realities out here in America’s streets and neighborhoods.

Krauthammer’s piece has the right tone in suggesting Pelosi may actually WANT everyone else to drill except us. He tells us that “25 years ago, nearly 60 percent of U.S. petroleum was produced domestically. Today it’s 25 percent.” One can only infer from this little gem that Nancy’s reign over the Majority has actually helped deepen our dependence on foreign oil rather than reducing it as she promised she would do when she took the Speaker’s gavel. Therein lies the problem; Pelosi’s definition of independence is NOT from Foreign oil but from oil all together.

This is a wonderful idea…to shoot for over the next 50 years. We need someone far more intelligent than Nancy Pelosi to help us get there. In the meantime, we need her to help us get through our IMMEDIATE problems. This, she is unwilling to do.

There may be ways to get the speculators to stop driving up the price per barrel figures, but the Federal Government is not the answer. There may be ways to get the oil producers to make less profits by encouraging greater investment in infrastructure and expanded exploration, but the Federal Government is not the answer. There may even be ways to help the consumer more easily afford the costs as they exist today, but again, the Federal Government is not the answer. Has anyone seen Obama’s latest inspiration on how to help the consumer? Like all the other Democrats out there who continue to assert that the Federal Government is the all-knowing, all-powerful answer to everything, self-assumed President Obama thinks he’ll just take the money from the oil companies after they earn it and give it back to the consumers. Just how big do you suppose Government would have to grow in order to execute such a grand larceny on a National and International epic scale?

Conservative minded people, and not of the political persuasion but of the real life, everyday living persuasion, understand that we need to use our brains and our pocketbooks to clean up the earth and use renewable energy over the next several generations. It just makes sense. What we ALSO know is that these things take time and consideration and analysis and study. Nothing happens overnight, and the Government that stays out of our way as we look to improve the human condition is the Government that serves us best.

All this politicization of an issue only made WORSE by politicizing it, is driving us all into the ground. It needs to stop, and stop now. We have resources of our own. We need to use them AND in parallel develop new technologies with a little help from the Federal Government..by them getting the hell out of the way.