Breaking: House Democrats Vote To Go On Strike

Of course [pause…sigh] the irony here lies in the fact that they did scant little work BEFORE they voted to adjourn. Having said that, choosing to walk out of the House of Representatives NOW, with America’s critical needs remaining unattended-to, can be considered nothing less than a disrespectful second-digit salute to we, the Taxpayers. Worse, they’ll come back to work when THEY feel like it (and we’ll pay them to stick us with 5 MORE weeks of personal crisis management at our own peril with no sign of relief in sight). Even worse still, they aren’t making any promises about getting anything meaningful done when they DO come back.

Ain’t that a great gig, being an elected Representative in the People’s House without having to do a (expletive removed in deference to the posting guidelines) thing you don’t feel like doing? Well done, Nance…well done. As was said about Pelosi this great day, she is an “inspiration to millions of Americans” and I, for one, am TRULY inspired by her incompetence and ineptitude…but I’m just the Founder and CEO of “AMAWG” Inc. [Angry Middle Aged White Guys]…what do I know?

See, the Left thinks this is a great time to take 5 weeks off. Now Now… stop being cynical…this has NOTHING to do with burning up our tax dollars on gasoline we can’t afford for ourselves so they can ride around their Districts on our dime promising to do even MORE of what they have done so far [read not a GD thing]…nope, THAT’S not what they’re going to do for the next 5 weeks. They’re going to go on vacation. There’ll be a few tours on foreign soil…a little R and R on a lobbyist’s yacht…a little palm pumping with our enemies…some ugly old toes squishing in the sand at Cozumel…you know – fact finding stuff.

By a vote of 213 to 212, Democrats voted to adjourn. Left behind are gas prices nearly double those prior to the majority having taken over control of MY House. Left behind are bills awaiting debate over an Energy policy Americans NEED in order to find relief. Left behind are bills that have been delayed and postponed and put aside.

Our Political Heroes seem to be under the impression that it’s time for a break for a job well done…I mean, c’mon, the 260 laws passed by the 110th Congress are a 30-year low, but they managed to name 74 post offices, not to mention the nonbinding resolutions designating July National Watermelon Month and recognizing dirt as an essential natural resource. And you gotta admit it takes a LOT of work to see your approval ratings slip to a record low of 9% among people that now think lawmakers are doing a good or excellent job. They need their rest too…stop being so hard on them. You can only do so much on a 4 day work week…

When a “real” union goes on strike, it’s trying to make a point and leverage its contributions to the company against misdeeds its members feel they have been subjected to. Nancy’s kids have a blank check and a “no-cap” credit card they don’t have to pay back, go wherever they want whenever they want (for free), get paid a sinful amount of money for what they actually DO for us, and can call for a work stoppage just whenever the bloody hell they want. And we want MORE of them running our country and driving us into the ground?

Perhaps the silver lining in the dark cloud that Nancy has built over America is that 17 Democrats that actually CARE about Energy policy [subscription required] agreed with the Republicans that the House should stay in session. All the rest of the Democrats don’t give a tinker’s damn about us as Moe has pointed out, and you should ask a couple hard questions of your CongressCritters over the next few weeks (if they voted yes) BEFORE you actually let them plant a big wet one on your backside if they trundle their sorry selves into your neighborhoods over the next 5 weeks.