From Messiah To Prince Of Peace To Divinity... All In One Road Trip

Jesus and Obama…together in a group photo with a couple OTHER interesting folks…

Can we recall a time not so long ago when the big hullaballoo was made over Huckabee’s allegedly intentional religion-based subliminal imagery? I sure do…the collective hair of the Democrats went into spontaneous combustion. Ol’ Huck had lots of splainin’ to do, as I recall, and all this over a book shelf in the background that looked like a cross.

Help me understand why there will be no such similar upheaval when the world sees this photograph (H/T Drudge) appearing to put Obama on an equal footing with Jesus…and all this while he and Jesus are depicted alongside Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and whoever that other guy is…that’s not Che Guevara is it?

Boy howdy…go to the Middle East, pontificate about your righteousness, and get your pic alongside Jesus…white dove in full tow…all while you’re hangin’ at the Temple of Hercules no less.

I’m SURE there will be an uproar from the left..right?