Letting Go Of A President

The looming departure from Pennsylvania Avenue for George and Laura Bush finally affords me the opportunity for a little closure. I mean, I stood by him through so many travails that I came to learn what “my President” really felt like.

The first Farm Bill…”but he’s my President.” Post 9/11 Airline bailout…”but he’s my President.” Harriet Miers, No Child Left Behind, Dubai Ports World, Social Security non-reform, prescription drug entitlements, ahem…cough…”immigration reform” cough, and the second Farm bill…”but, he’s my President” continued playing from my jukebox of political theme songs. I could go on-but the point is embedded somewhere deeply in my forehead. The veto pen that was on order for 6 years, only to show up when it didn’t even matter anymore…throughout ALL these abandonments I was right there behind him…because there was always the war on terror. At least George Bush stood as a man of principle on that issue. After all, the future of “freedom” and “liberty” sat squarely on GWB’s shoulders…and in him we could trust.

Until he decided to take Iraq off the table for Johnny Mac in the ’08 Presidentials, that is.

I mean, it was bad enough that he chose to stand down in the face of international pressure vis a vis the DPRK and their status on the short list of the so-called “axis of evil” but really now, do we REALLY need to capitulate to that nutjob Ahmadinejad TOO?

From where I sit, whatever the Bush Administration “thinks” they’re doing to help McCain beat the Messiah…they need to just stop thinking…nothing short of a coronation is already underway-why do we need to take National Security OUT of McCain’s pockets and fill Obama’s with a bunch of chump change called “hope and change” and “yes we can” nonsense?

Look-Barack Obama is already riding Nancy Pelosi’s coattails about the GWOT being in Afghanistan…regardless the truth of that point…and his latest photo-op boondoggle in Afghanistan has only served to put him high on that pedestal of “Court Jester” the Democrats seem so desperate to achieve. Our sitting President really needs to just shut up now, and wait out his term-all he’s accomplishing now is to guarantee a McCain defeat, and ensure the Messiah takes his throne of pacifist/socialist drudgery that we’ll spend the next 30 years trying to un-do.

Stop, George…just STOP. Please come home…I’ll help you cut back the live oaks…leave politics to the grown ups now, m’kay?