Maybe we should've listened to this guy...

The following is from a guy who made the best case for staying out of Iraq and could be used for any anti-war argument really.

If you’re going to go in and try to topple Saddam Hussein, you have to go to Baghdad. Once you’ve got Baghdad, it’s not clear what you do with it. It’s not clear what kind of government you would put in place of the one that’s currently there now. Is it going to be a Shia regime, a Sunni regime or a Kurdish regime? Or one that tilts toward the Baathists, or one that tilts toward the Islamic fundamentalists? How much credibility is that government going to have if it’s set up by theUnited States military when it’s there? How long does the United States military have to stay to protect the people that sign on for that government, and what happens to it once we leave?

Now that really is spot on considering where we are today. Now who said that quote? Ron Paul? Ralph Nadar? Dick Cheney. And couldn’t have agreed with him more. Strange thing is that this is the same guy who 12 years later was key figure in getting the invasion going under Bush. And he’s now on television advocating sending thousands of more ground troops to fight a war that the Iraqi soldiers we trained wouldn’t take part in. But still a very good quote.

The Iraq War has costed us in the ballpark of 4-6 trillion dollars (even the most conservative estimate is 2 trillion) and 4,500 US casualties. It wasn’t even our money we were using since we had to borrow it to fund the operation. People are now blaming Obama for the chaos now going on over there and they do have some good points seeing that he’s given weapons to rebels in Syria who’ve stated to be allied with IS (formerly ISIS). Though I also hear from the neo-cons that Iraq was a “stable” working democracy.

Really? How is it “stable” when there’s three ethnic groups (Kurds, Shias and Sunnis) who are hostile to one another? This isn’t something that happened overnight, it’s been going on since long before the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. And looks like to be continuing well into the future. Should we be sending troops into a war the Iraqis aren’t willing to fight it?

Maybe we should be more concerned what’s going on here at home (like the border crisis for one). Julie Borowski also makes a great case for why Iraq was a bad idea.

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