Thad Cochran is the Al Franken of the Republican Party

I truly thought Chris McDaniel was gonna win and win BIG. He had the energy, he had the organization and he has principle. When I got home from working tonight, I was shocked and extremely pissed to find out that Cochran was winning (albeit narrowly but still). There’s been reports for the past week or two that the Cochran campaign was consulting Democrat and minority voters to vote for Cochran, but I never thought they’d manage to pull him over the finish line.

Also James Lankford won the primary here in Oklahoma tonight with 57% of the vote. I was disappointed, but not pissed off like what happened in MS. This is truly abhorrent what the GOP and Cochran did. This is no different than what crony politicians do regularly in Chicago and other inner-cities to get reelected. How this affects GOP unity is unclear for right now. The MSM will obviously (probably are right now) go about glouting how the tea party is dead for the thousandth time.

On a more positive note, pro-commoncore Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi has been ousted by challenger Joy Hoffmeister in the GOP primary. That means more meaningful education reform in the next four years or so. Other than this though, it’s been a really disappointing night for me (and obviously for many others too).

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