Oklahoma Senate Primary and Mississippi Run-off

Tomorrow is the Oklahoma GOP primary and it’s running hot right now with T.W. Shannon and James Lankford. More than likely there’ll be a run-off which would be in August based on tight polling of late. I have high hopes Shannon will at least force E GOPer Lankford into a run-off and then from there defeat him in the run-off two months from now. He’ll have a big job of filling the shoes of Tom Coburn who’s done Oklahoma a lot to be proud of in the decade he’s been a Senator. It’ll also be interesting to see reaction from the left to see two elected Afro-American Republican Senators elected from the South (the other being the great Tim Scott).

Then on the same day we have the MS run-off between progressive-pretending-to-be-Republican Senator Thad Cochran going against State Senator Chris McDaniel. All the momentum is going in McDaniel’s direction with recent polls showing him a big lead over Cochran and his latest endorser being Ron Paul. It’ll be a popcorn fest tomorrow night. Especially considering his marxist leaning daughter and simply being out of touch.

It’s gonna be a big night for the grassroots and liberty movement. The establishment in Washington is running very scared especially with the recent defeat of Eric Cantor (though they did spit back in the face with electing Kevin McCarthy to replace him). Let’s keep this momentum going on to November. This election is the groundwork for 2016 in taking back the White House. Let’s not screw it up.

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