After the Tea Party - What's next?

I went to the tax party here in Roanoke. It was great to see so many likeminded people, and to see everyone energized and ready to take action. So, what do we do with all of this energy?

There are two ways to move government in a different direction. Change the mind of incumbents, or replace them. We should advance on both fronts.

The Tea Parties themselves should help.  But we need to come to some sort of minimal agreement on what we want out of our representatives. And we need to e-mail them, write them, call them, and fax them so they know that our positions are not taken lightly.  State and national politicians must clearly understand that change will happen, whether or not they’re still in office to see it.

Secondly, we must promote, and where necessary BE, small-government candidates. The GOP in particular has shown that it’s willing to patronize conservatives, and then continue to grow government and take our money and give it to their rich friends. We must turn out for small-government candidates in the primaries, regardless of the party they choose. And we must also let the GOP know that we’re not giving them money to support the Arlen Specters of the world. When you get that request for money, send back a note that says “not until you promise to spend it ONLY for small-government candidates”.

Lastly, and this is the toughest, saddest part, we have to vote for small government candidates, even if that means running a 3rd candidate for some offices. Today’s politicians respond to money and power. We may not have enough money to pay them to do the right thing.  But if we turn away from corrupt, power hungry politicians, they’ll be sent home. Better for GOP incumbents to lose than to re-elect them with the same results. The sooner we clean house, the sooner we can get started fixing the problem.