Afghani immigration policy?

A Bush-appointed judge decided today that detainees at Bagram in Afghanistan are not significantly different than those at GITMO, and so have the right to habeus corpus.

This ruling was an expected result of earlier decisions granting rights to GITMO prisoners. The question is, where does it stop? We’re quickly reaching the point where the easiest way for a foreign national to earn the protection of US rights is to blow something up or point a weapon at a US soldier.

There are already plans to release GITMO detainees into the safe environs of Northern Va. Now, if you’re a typical hispanic illegal immigrant, don’t you wish you’d killed some people? I mean, the Muslim fanatics are expected to get PAID. So, not only could you have moved to America, but you’d receive a salary from them. If only you’d shot a soldier or planted an IED.

US soldiers should consider that anyone they capture may be released in their hometown. I think a “take no prisoners” policy would solve that problem.