Who can the President fire?

Here’s her column: Ann Coulter, as usual, brings a well-thought perspective to an issue.

Remember the controversy over Bush firing Attorneys General? Here’s an article that might refresh your memory. There were Congressional hearings, demands that Bush remove his AG over the matter, and general outrage that Bush would overstep his authority by firing his own political appointees (seriously).

This week, Obama fired Rick Wagoner. He doesn’t work at Justice. He doesn’t work at the White House. In fact, he’s not in government at all. He’s the CEO of GM. You know, that privately held company that has a board of directors, and stockholders, both of whom voted to hire him and haven’t changed their mind.

So, just so I understand the rules. It’s WRONG to fire people if you hired them. But it’s RIGHT to fire people you didn’t hire?  I’m not sure I can figure this out on my own. Can someone explain?