Paul Ryan - here's the problem.

Thanks to HotAir for noticing this first!

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconson said “Now, that I know — which I didn’t at the time — that this is unconstitutional, I wouldn’t have voted the same way”. He blamed his lack of knowledge for the speed with which the measure was written and introduced.  “Nobody had time to review it,” Ryan said. 

I have two MAJOR problems with this.  Problem #1. If you’re not clear as to the contents of a bill, read it again (this particular bill was pretty short, page wise). If you’re still not clear, don’t vote on it.

Problem number two is a little bigger. If you’re unclear as to the Constitutionality of a measure, don’t support it! A Congressman’s job is to defend the Constitution. That’s what he says in his oath. Clearly, Rep. Ryan needs to study the founding documents of our country a little more. The term “bill of attainder” had gotten fairly broad coverage when the idea of taxing AIG execs came up. Did he look into that term? Does he know what it means? Does Ryan understand why it’s wrong to use taxes to target small groups of people?

I’m dismayed that a GOP Representative doesn’t understand the Constitutional implications of legislation on which he’s voting. To me, that’s a sign of how far we’ve come in the wrong direction.