Wrong Question

You see and hear the question all the time on bumper stickers, social media, personal and organizational websites and posed on radio and television talk shows:  What Would Reagan Do?  This invocation of the name of the late President Ronald Reagan always is asked to challenge the latest Liberal-Progressive fantasy that has been unleashed on the American people.


And whether it is intended or not, the question also implies certain standards to which Conservatives will adhere.  But if we are to have such standards, whose could be better to adopt than those of the men who created the American Republic?


So the question that should be asked is:  What Would the Founders Do?


Liberal-Progressives – or whatever they want to be called this week – no doubt will argue we cannot know what the Founders would do because they lived so long ago.  Unfortunately for the Lib-Progs, the Founders left behind thousands upon thousands of official documents, newspaper articles, essays, letters and notes explaining every concept covered by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


The Founders’ creation of a system of government which puts the vast majority of political power into the hands of the governed was indeed a revolution.  Their creation of a Constitution which protects the smallest of all minorities – the individual – was a political and cultural miracle.


Our abandonment of the principles they espoused and which they enshrined in our governing documents would be nothing short of a betrayal of the lives and fortunes sacrificed for the American founding.  In the eyes of the Founders themselves, it would be nothing short of treason[1].


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[1] A Better Guide Than Reason by M.E. Bradford (New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 1994), pp. 80-81.