The networks DID understand the Restoring Honor rally

A friend messaged me after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial, complaining that the various networks just didn’t understand what it was really about.

The sad fact is, the networks did understand the rally.  But the fact also is, they’re “progressive” true believers. They just lie about it. I retired recently after 41 years in journalism, the last 13 as a news anchor on the CNN Radio Network.  I saw it clearly when I was on the inside at CNN. The networks generally, and people like Olberman, Matthews, Sanchez and others specifically, have a very clearly defined agenda they want to push and any other message is a threat.

The Restoring Honor rally was about the personal transformation of the individual (faith, hope and charity), and returning to the founding principles that made America great.  To the networks, it could only be about politics, racism and hatred.

The problem with ideology is it’s very rigid. Conservatism, in fact, is the largest political tent of all because it isn’t an ideology but a way of living. It allows for diversity as no other political philosophy, within certain general parameters. Beck demonstrated that very well when he had 240 ministers of widely divergent faiths come up on the podium at the end, pointing out they had sharp differences of belief when it came to the details of their faiths, but all believed in one thing:  God is the answer. That’s a huge tent.

Of course, liberals argue we’re trying to force God down everybody’s throats. But historically that’s never been the case except in a few isolated instances.  Not so with Lenin, Ho Chi Mihn, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Kim, Amin, and their ilk.

Folks who believe we’re in a fight with reasonable people, either here or overseas, are extremely naive. Rank and file liberals (or whatever they want to be called) may be reasonable but the Obamas, Clintons, Dodds, Franks, Pelosis, Reids, Geithners, Soros and all those like them know very well what they’re about and are doing it for one reason: to gather wealth and political power to themselves and share it only with those who support them. Remember what they used to say in the old Soviet Union, that party leaders were the “first among equals?” They lived and ate well while the rest of the country starved in squalor.

To the folks I named, the liberal rank and file are nothing more than what Stalin called “useful idiots.”