Clowns get bound up with prophets spawned of conventional tout

That  lurk on the questional fringes of genius aplomb beyond doubt

Gravity doesn’t have patience for theories refluxed of chagrin

Laughlines give rise to the crying that handkerchiefs trundle in spin


I will &occupy Redstate until MITT ROMNEY:

 1. clarifies his opinion of anthropagenic global warming and how he will address (gut) the CANCER that is the EPA, and the delusion of “green” energy.

2. clarifies his position on OBAMACARE and the ENTIRE infrastructure enacted therewith. This should include exactly how we might distinguish ROMNEYCARE.

3. Explains how Social Security and Medicare are distinguished from PONZI SCHEMES and how to address their CARNAGE. (and most importantly stop the bleeding).

4. Endorses the current 1.5 Trillion annual deficits OR EXPLAINS how he will reduce spending (gut agencies)  (and/or VETO SPENDING BILLS).

BTW: all of the candidates should answer these questions. I’m just a little concerned that these questions are not being posed to the emerging Republican ONE.