Christians Stand up, Stand up & Fight!

The words of John McCain stirred my heart this election season, and I have not forgotten them. Fellow Christians there is still many battles to fight, and a war to win over the heart of American. We can not go quietly into the wilderness in a time that our nation so desperately needs us the most. Now is the time to put your armor on and stand, stand up and fight!

I believe there is a strong movement among Christians to turn the heart of this country back to the Judeo-Christian values that it was founded upon. We will not accomplish this solely through some political means, while we must not waver to hold the political fronts that we are currently engaged in, we must also engage the real enemy that has lead our country astray. He is a powerful enemy, not one of flesh & blood, with powerful lies, that has turned the hearts of many away from the truth, and has weakened our personal testimony to the world by getting us focused on the things of this world instead of heavenly things. We can not win this war by engaging him in our own power & might, we must engage him in the power of the Holy Spirit & take back the ground that we have allowed him to take: first in our own hearts, then our homes, then our churches, then our local communities, and then our greater governments. So my friends meditate upon the words of this great hymn, the Word of God, which is quick & powerful, sharper than any two edged sword, hold fast your faith, pray, and engage the enemy for our Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ, has not quit the fight & will lead us to victory!

Sound the battle cry!See, the foe is nigh;Raise the standard high For the Lord;Gird your armor on,Stand firm, ev’ry one;Rest your cause upon His holy Word.

Refrain:Rouse, then, soldiers, rally ’round the banner!Ready, steady, pass the word along;Onward, forward, shout aloud “Hosanna!”Christ is Captain of the mighty throng.

Strong to meet the foe,Marching on we go,While our cause, we know, Must prevail;Shield and banner bright,Gleaming in the light;Battling for the right We ne’er can fail.

O Thou God of all,Hear us when we call,Help us one and all By Thy grace;When the battle’s done,And the vict’ry’s won,May we wear the crown Before Thy face.