I saw a fighter!

While her first public interview, since McCain introduced this wonderful woman to the American people as his VP running mate, was not as polished as most would like to have seen, I saw something in her interview that continues to feed the fire of enthusiasm I now have for the Republican ticket. It wasn’t her stance on the issues (although I think she did fine) to me, but to me I saw something else that is very exciting. It’s that “something” I love about our current POTUS. I saw someone that isn’t afraid! Everything about her in this interview was saying I’m a fighter, I want quit, I want back down from anything you throw at me, and if you knock me down I’m just going to get back up swinging. It’s this spirit of a fighter that I am so excited about, and it started at the convention with her VP acceptance speech, and then with the words of John McCain “Fight with Me”. Those words are still echoing within my soul, and I believe McCain/Palin have awakened that same spirit within the hearts of many American’s.

There is no problem to tough that we as American’s can not overcome, either in our nation or the world, with these two fighters leading our way!